Learning Trades From Professions In Dofus Touch

In Dofus Touch, it is possible to learn trades in order to make recipes and make many objects. It is necessary to learn a craft to unlock all the recipes and creations of corresponding objects.

Learning a trade involves systematically meeting an NPC. There are often several ways to start learning a trade in Dofus Touch. Here are some of the places where you can find NPCs that can teach you trades (just go to the place and follow the position to start a conversation with them to start learning).


Here is the list of trades (in alphabetical order) that can be learned in Dofus Touch, as well as their location:

Alchemist: [5, -20] (quest); [3,3] on Incarnam
Jeweller: [0,2]; [5, -16]
Butcher: [0, -15]; [-29, -32]
Baker: [2, -16]; [3.0]
Handyman: [-27, -59]; [-28.35]
Lumberjack: [4, 8]; [1, -25]; [3,3] on Incarnam
Hunter: [1, 18]; [2,24]
Shoemaker: [5,1]
Sword Smith: [6, -18]; [-1,2]
Shield Smith: [26, -35]
Miner: [1, -20]; [-2, -3]
Farmer: [7, -25]; [5,6]; [3,3] on Incarnam
Fisherman: [9.0]; [1, -17]; [3,3] on Incarnam
Fishmonger: [2, -17]; [14,26]
Bow Carver: [3, -20]; [3,12]
Tailor: Be in possession of the tailor’s manual

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